Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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If you are looking for your wedding photographs to be stellar, I highly recommend you book your photographer for an engagement session too!  As I've said here in my blog and Vlog posts already, being comfortable with your wedding photographer is so important.  Once you are comfortable with your photographer, all of those loving, romantic and fun emotions come streaming through the lens.

I personally rely heavily on my outgoing, fun and engaging personality and when you hire me to be your wedding photographer, I always love to package in an engagement photo shoot too.  That way, we get to go out for an hour or two and really get to know one another without a pressing timeline and capture some really great images.

The result is that when the wedding day comes and it's time for your special couples photos, you will be immediately more at ease than if we had not spent time together during the engagement shoot.  We may also be able to learn the types of images that you are drawn to from the engagement shoot and incorporate a tighter plan for wedding day photos.

It is a great time this fall for engagement sessions so give me a call and let's chat...see if it feels like a great match and if so, go shoot some beautiful images together and book your wedding day photography too!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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Hello wedding guests!  You are awesome and should enjoy celebrating this wonderful family and friend event...the coming together of two people and two families.  BUT, during the ceremony, PLEASE, do not take photographs with your iPads, phones or even pro cameras.  

Us professional wedding photographers will be capturing all of the precious moments with our amazing professional equipment and will be sharing the photos with the wedding couple.  They will have the ability to share the images with you all!

I implore you to sit back, pay attention to the ceremony and just enjoy taking it all in for your own memories.  When you lean out into the aisle to take photos it really can ruin our professional photographs of the wedding.  This is especially true for key moments that only happen once such as the kiss of course but also pouring sand together, lighting candles together, celebrating during the couples exit back down the aisle, the processional down the aisle and on and on.

You can see a few photos in this post that I thought showcased how awful things can turn out when the guest try to capture photos on their devices.  Not good!

Once you are at cocktail hour and the reception, go for it!  Have fun snapping photos with family and friends...heck, I'll take the photos for you with your camera, just ask! ;) If you abide by this important rule to holster your phones during wedding ceremonies, you will be doing your wedding couples a huge favor!  Again, just enjoy yourselves at the ceremony...us professional wedding photographers got you covered! 



Thursday, September 06, 2018
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Photographing newborn babies can be one of the most challenging types of photography...it's not for the impatient that's for sure! ;)  But the key is not to get caught up in all of your best laid plans...you should have a plan, but BE FLEXIBLE!  If you planned on starting with that amazing set up in a basket with flowers all around just like the Pinterest board you and/or your client picked out...great, but maybe the baby is being fussy upon arrival for it's newborn photo session.

Why not start with photos of the parents holding the baby...most likely they have the calming affect while they have the baby in their arms.  Then, once the baby is calm, move on to that super creative money shot you want to deliver for your client...and your next social media post! ;)

If you have a bunch of props, blankets, hats, etc. great, but I always tell clients that if they have family heirlooms like a quilt grandma knitted that they want in the photo, great!  It will be awesome to honor family in that way.  Same with sports teams jerseys, terrible towels (Steelers fans I had one time) or whatever.  You can never go wrong when a client has props because it's their choice, do your best to let that set up shine...then move on to the other creative set ups you agreed to via Pinterest inspiration board or on the spot with suggestions.

I also like to let clients pick "this blanket or that one", this color hat or the other...up to them or if they lean on your creative eye, of course, go with what you know works best.

So in conclusion, have a plan but be flexible because I guarantee you will have curveballs thrown your way and just when you think you have it all going well, the baby will pee on the blanket, throw up on your leg, cry, need to feed, diaper change....what else?! ;)

The results can be stunningly beautiful and cute photos for your clients to treasure...and...great for your portfolio! ;)

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
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If you would like your wedding timeline to stay on track....here's the biggest tip I can give you from a photographer's standpoint...assign a "wrangler" from each side of your family to help keep family members close by and into the photos line up.  

You also REALLY NEED TO HAVE A LIST of EVERYONE who will be needed in the photos.  I request to have that list at least a week before the wedding.  This helps me work with the wedding planner to create a feasible timeline.  If the list is rather large, even more reason to get it to me well before the wedding date.  

I always like to start with the largest combination of family/friends and work our way down to the wedding party then wedding couple.  We want to be sure to photograph shots with older family members and little kids first so older folks can go take a seat if need be and kids can go run around and have fun....attention span fleeting as you may well know! ;)

Ok, but back to having "wranglers" from each side of the families...these 2 people are going to help so much, trust me!  They should first, know everyone listed in the photos, or at least 90% of them.  Second, they should have a STRONG PERSONALITY to say the least.  These wranglers can be firm and if need be, yell at these family and friends who may be trying to stray from the area where we are taking these photos at.

I've found that these wranglers are usually female, a sister, a fun aunt or whatever but they have often snatched my clipboard or phone with the list of people in the photos and starting calling out the names!  They have fun with it!

Once we move through these important combination photos, basically to prove these folks were at your wedding ;)....we have ample time for wedding party and your special couple portraits.

If we were so blessed as to have you take FIRST LOOK PHOTOS...EVEN BETTER!  Check out my other VLOG POST ABOUT "WHY I LOVE FIRST LOOKS!"  If we have a first look, we probably were able to take care of many of the combination photos of family members....but ONLY IF YOU HAVE TOLD THEM AND/OR EMAILED THEM ALL, saying "you are needed earlier than the ceremony start time for photos because we are doing a first look.  Super important!  Otherwise, we are back to having to shoot all the family/friend combinations after the ceremony and it can squeeze the amount of time for wedding party and wedding couple's special portraits.

We need to get great photos of everyone and get the couple ready for their grand entrance on time!  It also allows those family members in photos to go enjoy cocktail hour versus herding cats with no list and no wrangler for combination photos....MAKE SENSE?!  Got it? Really?....Awesome!

I am here for any questions you may have, love to chat further about your wedding day....thanks!


~ Brad

Thursday, August 30, 2018
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So you are a photographer that has the task of photographing a 2 year old toddler huh? ;)  Well, after years of working with kids and their families, I've learned a few simple ways to be sure you capture the essence of the toddler in ways that parents will really love.

Instead of trying to pose a toddler, I just let them be a kid and run around, play, jump, roll down a hill, play on the playground, etc. In this example of Evan, a super cute 2 year old toddler, I just let him play with sticks, had the parents talk to him once in a while so he would look towards the camera (parents always should stand behind you as the photographer), but mostly he just got into his own little toddler world and I was there with my long lens to capture these precious images.

Notice the simple yet effective style I work with available light, just have the sun behind Evan to add that dimension on his hair and along the edges of his body.  Having the sun behind also helps toddlers and anyone in front of the camera to not squint.  

My biggest tip for photographers and for parents alike even if snapping photos off of your phone...GET DOWN ON THE TODDLER'S LEVEL!  You want a portrait of this little cutie, not a photo of you towering over them shooting downward where they are diminished in size and in personality too.  Once you are on their level, they become a cool little human being that is ready for a portrait...it can happen, trust me!

See more examples of my photography of toddlers in the Toddlers section of my website.  I'm always here if you have questions, have fun!