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Tuesday, November 06, 2018
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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Rachelle Gershkovich, Owner & Founder, Maternal Instincts, Inc. speaks to us about how to Create Sweet other words...sleep training for newborn babies as they progress through the first 18 months after birth.

Rachelle is an expert in the field and if you are a new parent, you would do well to not only watch this video blog, but give Rachelle and her team a call today!

Creating Sweet Dreams - Sleep Training for Newborns

Rachelle Gershkovich, Owner & Founder, Maternal Instincts, Inc. speaks to us about how to Create Sweet other words...sleep training for newborn babies as they progress through the first 18 months after birth. Rachelle is an expert in the field and if you are a new parent, you would do well to not only watch this video blog, but give Rachelle and her team a call today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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If you are a new parent or expecting another child and find yourself in need of sleep, organization and just plain feeling like you are this vlog featuring Rachelle Gershkovich, Owner & Founder, Maternal Instincts, Inc.

Rachelle will explain how her team at Maternal Instincts helps you during the postpartum phase with three main offerings: Night Nannies, Sleep Training and Household Managers.

I found Rachelle to be super smart, very experienced and know that she is very respected in the circle of birth community professionals.

Meet Gershkovich, Owner & Founder, Maternal Instincts, Inc.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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So you want to look radiant in your wedding photographs...?  Of course you do and here's some great advice from various trusted healthy!  You should most definitely start a full year ahead of the big day and for great skin, here are some good places to start as mentioned in Bride Magazine article:

1) Set up a consultation with a dermatologist.  I'll leave it to Brides Magazine article as they outline The 7 Things Your Dermatologist Wishes She Could Tell You

2) Manage your stress - What can I say, we all know that stress is a killer.  Maybe easier said than done to minimize stress but if you can have the goal of the wedding day and looking radiant be a carrot...why not use that as incentive!? Then perhaps it will become a part of your life beyond the wedding day.  As this article in Washington Top News states, Weddings Are Stress Factories!

3) Hire qualified aesthetician for routine facials.  Don't skimp here, hire a professional.

4) Juicing instead of wine-ing ;)  Green juice is great for skin because it's oxygenating and contains vital minerals to help stimulate the lymphatic system and drain out puffiness

These next two tips are from this Ever After Guide article

5) Oil Free - Oily or greasy skin often leads to acne. Keep your skin oil-free throughout the day. Blotting paper is the best solution. You can remove grease from your forehead, nose, chin or wherever you want just by a touch of it. Beside this, go for some gentle face wash and oil free skin moisturizer.

6) Hands, Feet AND Elbows too! - You may think obvious to mention manicure and pedicures but definitely get these done a day before the wedding but don't neglect your elbows!  You can exfoliate elbows as you'll need to get rid of the dead skin.  Weekly use of salt scrub with sodium bicarbonate, in the bath will miraculously remove the damaged and dry skin. Glycolic peel is also effective for extremely dry patches. But it must be used by your aesthetician.

Now this next tip I know for sure from first hand experience!

7) Water Water Water - Hydration is a good thing of course and yet so many people forget to drink enough water daily.  Not only should you hydrate leading up to the wedding but definitely on the day of too.  Here in Colorado where many destination weddings are happening, out of town brides and whole wedding parties are flying in from sea level and may be at a mountain venue at 9,000 foot elevation...can you say altitude sickness!  I have personally had altitude sickness once and it was paralyzing to say the least.

8) Massages Rule!  I don't know about you but I could get a massage every day!  I definitely get one monthly to keep the kinks to a minimum and take the stress down a notch.  Find a masseuse that you are comfortable with their style and makes you feel amazing.  Don't hesitate to try a few before deciding on your go-to professional.  Here in Denver I love Debra at Massage Envy at Tiffany Plaza!  She is so intuitive and really feels what you need each session. She does not just go through the motions and really knows me at this point so I don't have to lay there worrying about a new masseuse missing certain spots or using some technique I'm not into.

Look for upcoming video blogs I'll be interviewing leading health and beauty professionals that specialize in wedding clients.  Ok, now be sure to start your health and beauty plan today and you will be sure to look amazing in front of your photographers lens!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Ok, you are looking to have some great family portraits what?  I'd like to share a bit of my process so potential family clients can learn what to expect and how I achieve the images you see in my portfolio.  

1. Location location location.  Having a great location is a great start!  If there is beautiful scenery and some landmark objects even better.  Benches, cool rocks to sit on, lamp posts to lean against, trees, pond/lake/stream...all good stuff. I like when a location has more than one key area for us to take the photos.  If within 50-100 yards you have a pond, a bench, cool lamp posts and a big rock to play can mix it up a bit as some of the set ups you try may not work as well as others so you will have options to choose from.

2. Be comfortable...don't look stiff.  When you can hang out by sitting on a bench, rock, lean on trees, etc. your body language will relax and instantly you will look better because you feel better.

3. Wear comfortable, simple clothes.  Unless you need very formal attire, wear comfortable clothing that allows you all to just be a family that is hanging out together. Do not wear heavy patterns and no logos like Nike, etc.  Unless there is a theme that specifically calls for wearing your favorite sports team or some other reason you need to wear these types of clothes, don't do it. It should be all about your family and focus on your emotions of happiness together, not some brand that doesn't add anything to the end result of a great photograph.

4. I like to set the scene, not pose.  I find that getting folks into the basic positioning is a good thing but then I usually say, "just be a family".  There are a few things that I will correct like if someone has their hand over their knee, flat to camera I have them pull it back because if flat to camera that hand looks much larger and is a distraction.  The other fun way to get natural emotions is to let people interact with each other and not always be looking at the camera.  We capture little moments that are so genuine.  Don't get me wrong, some fairly straight-forward portraits are always a good thing but I love delivering a diverse batch of images that tell a story of "A Day in The Park" or "Fun in Leaves and Trees" etc. which you will find in my portfolio of family portraits.

5. Kids are the boss.  With younger kids, I may ask them what they would like to do pose wise...maybe they want to stand on a big rock or sit on a swing...well, ok, then the family can gather around this child who now feels empowered and hey, it keeps them in a good mood and might be the best idea yet!

6. Act like you like each other! ;) If I find a family is placing themselves a bit too far apart I always say, "Closer...act like you like each other!" ;) I say it with a smile and a wink.  They always loosen up and may even hug, snuggle or at least they aren't 2 feet apart any more.

7. Take a walk. As I mentioned above in #1 the location hopefully offers up a few different areas to shoot the portraits in so in addition to utilizing those natural props I always like to have smaller families take a stroll and just laugh, hold hands, let kids play a bit, maybe swing the kids up in the air, put kids on dad's shoulders for a piggy back ride or whatever comes to mind.

8. Personality is king.  I pride myself on having a friendly and engaging personality and this bodes well for folks to feel comfortable in front of my camera. Once you are comfortable, all of your fun, loving, silly or whatever feelings you have come streaming through my lens. If kids are crying, I can even talk like Donald Duck to make them laugh and boom, we are back in action capturing great family photos for you.

I have many other little tips and trick I keep in my back pocket in order to help guide folks but the ones listed above are a great starting point to understanding how it is to work with me.  Some photos here from a recent session in Wash Park Denver.  They are repeat clients...I photographed when their boy was 6 months, 1 year and now 2! Super fun! Love these guys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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If you are looking for your wedding photographs to be stellar, I highly recommend you book your photographer for an engagement session too!  As I've said here in my blog and Vlog posts already, being comfortable with your wedding photographer is so important.  Once you are comfortable with your photographer, all of those loving, romantic and fun emotions come streaming through the lens.

I personally rely heavily on my outgoing, fun and engaging personality and when you hire me to be your wedding photographer, I always love to package in an engagement photo shoot too.  That way, we get to go out for an hour or two and really get to know one another without a pressing timeline and capture some really great images.

The result is that when the wedding day comes and it's time for your special couples photos, you will be immediately more at ease than if we had not spent time together during the engagement shoot.  We may also be able to learn the types of images that you are drawn to from the engagement shoot and incorporate a tighter plan for wedding day photos.

It is a great time this fall for engagement sessions so give me a call and let's chat...see if it feels like a great match and if so, go shoot some beautiful images together and book your wedding day photography too!