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Tuesday, April 16, 2019
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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MiHi Photo Booth is the premiere photo booth company in Denver Colorado. With state of the art technology, great customer service and years of wedding and event experience, you can count on the team to give you a fun and streamlined experience.

In this vlog episode, MiHi Photo Booth's Director of Sales, Sara Stolpe, discusses things you should know about hiring a photo booth company and also how an informed and experienced company can guide you so you maximize your budget and overall experience.

From knowledge of many venues in Colorado and where best to place your photo booth at your wedding or event, to guiding you into the best pricing package...I am confident you will find Sara and the MiHi Photo Booth to be very easy to work with and enjoy your memories for a lifetime.

Things to ask when booking a photo booth company

Tuesday, April 09, 2019
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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Are you in the military and need a wedding planner who is experienced with your world? Meet Wanda Bonner of Blue Linden Weddings & Events. Wanda has many years of experience working closely with military couples and knows about all of the special needs and logistical challenges that these couples face when planning their wedding.

Wanda's husband put in 30 years in the military so she definitely can identify with all that you are going through. From working with caterers with how to set up tables properly for missing men to what is allowed or not in regards to decor, Wanda is the go-to wedding planner for military weddings here in Colorado and beyond if need be.

Enjoy watching this vlog and definitely give Wanda a call when you say yes and are an engaged wedding couple.

Wedding Planning for Military Weddings

Tuesday, April 02, 2019
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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This Vlog episode dives deeper into the offerings of Allwell Rents, a premiere wedding and event rental company based in Denver, Colorado.

Today we speak with David Lambert, Owner or Allwell Rents about their Design Center. Whether you are a professional wedding planner, event planner or the actual wedding or event client, the Allwell Rents team welcomes you to come in and play with the many product choices in their vast inventory.

Being able to actually see your designs laid out versus planing online is a huge benefit so you feel comfortable that your decisions will hit the mark on the big day of your event.

Learn all about what is possible by watching this great vlog episode...then, call the Allwell Rents team!
(303) 935-7707

Allwell Rents Design Center

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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Wanda Bonner of Blue Linden Weddings & Events specializes in destination weddings. These can be destination weddings here in Colorado for folks wanting that mountain experience but Wanda also guides folks to amazing Besame Beach in Mexico for a truly, private Wedding location as it is on an island!

Wanda and her team have wedding couples covered from the beginning of the planning process all the way through the day of the wedding.

So many details that only a local planner can take care of if you live outside of Colorado and want that Colorado flavor for your big day need boots on the ground!

And with Besame Beach Mexico, Wanda has many weddings under her belt at this amazing venue. Key relationships in town assure you will be well taken care of.

Be sure to check out and then give Wanda a call!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
By Brides, Bumps & babies Photography
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Meet Jeff Libby, Owner of MiHi Entertainment and MiHi Photo Booth. Also meet Sarah Stolpe who handles Sales and Marketing for the company.

I've worked plenty of events where MiHi Photo Booth was featured and I can tell you first hand, they deliver a great experience with the technical background and client service to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

From special deliverables like large, metallic prints, slow motion videos and fun ideas like flash cards to spur fun poses for clients, MiHi Photo Booth is a great choice for clients having a wedding, corporate event or special party.

Enjoy this vlog and be sure to reach out to Sarah and Jeff to book your fun photo booth experience!

MiHi Photo Booth - Denver, CO